“Frank has created  a wonderful educational venue for young children, parents and pet lovers. An amazing book bringing about awareness of acceptance, tolerance and diversity in helping children understand People and their unique individuality.”

Carl Marzola
President, Atlantic Properties International, Inc.

“I had the good fortune to meet Frank Corrado 14 years ago, and since then have been an admired friend who appreciates the talent Frank has in everything he ventures into. His creation of “Poodleville”, is an awesome adventure with an inspiring message of acceptance, tolerance, diversity and differences, for children and adults alike. Everyone who knows Frank, loves and respects him for his honesty, warm and generous heart. “Poodleville” is just the beginning of this wonderful exciting venture. Good luck, Frank, from your friend.”

Ralph Lajoie

“This is my testimonial for my very dear friend Frank Corrado. I have known Frank since he was a child, and have watched him grow to be a wonderful, kind, loving man that has become a very talented designer and his latest adventure as an author of “Poodleville”, and what’s to come in the future. I attended Frank’s last book signing and bought several books for my grandchildren. Each and everyone of them loved this book and the message it conveys. It has been an extreme honor to know and love Frank who is simply an amazing person. I wish him all the good fortune and love in all his future endeavors.”

Nancy Salviola

“All of his life, Frank has been blessed with many talents, and recently achieved a long time dream to create, write and publish a children’s book called “Poodleville”, which is an outstanding piece of art. From the beginning to the end, the characters are so awesome and the story has a message that projects human feelings that most people embrace. Understanding, accepting, loving and embracing the differences that the world revolves around. “Poodleville” is a warm, funny, sometime sad, but there is so much joy and love that takes over. It truly is a book for all ages. Frank’s success is due to his love for animals and his desire to help maintain a humane and caring society for our treasured pets. I am very proud to be his mother, and wish Frank a lifetime of successes with “Poodleville”.”

Diane Mele