About Us

When I was growing up as a young boy, I had the good fortune of either parent – or a grandparent – sitting on my bed at night, open a colorful well illustrated book and read me a story as I would drift off into a deep sleep. A safe place filled with love and warmth, those memories are precious and have remained with me until this very day.

In today’s society, our children are taught at a young age, acceptance of others, tolerance of our differences, and understanding that we live in a diversified world filled with people from all walks of life and beliefs.

Poodleville is a journey illustrated beautifully to emphasize each character and the role they play.

Author Frank Corrado was born in New York and relocated to South Florida in 1989 He traveled to Florida on vacation to visit a friend – returned home, packed his packs and within a few weeks returned to Florida with his poodle Zachary.

Frank was inspired years ago when he wrote his first book for his then five-year-old niece, Uncle Frank’s Pumpkin Patch. Years later, as he was sitting in his home-office, his poodles had their play area in the same room and continually carried in their toys, stuffed animals and sometimes even treats! One day, he turned to them and said, “what do you guys think this is – Poodleville? It was then that he opened the computer and started writing.

Poodleville has many facets to the product line, along with several installments of Rhemy’s journey, “Poodleville, The Next Day.” A line of Poodleville color books, Poodle pens, Poodle pouch lunch boxes, Poodle patterned clothing and Poodle branded pet supplies are to follow.

Watch for Frank throughout South Florida at many book signings. A portion of the book sales are donated to local pet rescue agencies including Big & Little Dog Rescue.